Wij staan klaar voor al uw vragen

Wij staan klaar voor al uw vragen


Heeft u vragen dan kunt u contact met ons opnemen. Ons streven is om binnen 24 uur gedurende werkdagen te reageren.

Eurojob International Holding B.V.    

Antareslaan 3,
2132 JE Hoofddorp
+31 (0)23 5633088

Attention! If you are looking for a job in the Netherlands, please go to the page:
There you can view all job vacancies and fill out your application forms. You can also send your CV to: job@eurojob.nl

For Eurojob employees, regarding payment and work process questions, please contact: info@eurojob.nl

This form is only for Eurojob clients who are seeking personnel in the Netherlands.

NB: Eurojob doesn’t provide work documents for non-EU residents. Also, if you have a passport from any non-European Union country but have a work permit in a European country except the Netherlands – we will also not be able to provide work.


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