Vision & Mission


Eurojob Vision

Eurojob expects that during the coming decades substantial labour force deficits will develop in lower/mid level and technical personnel. This is caused by ageing of the population and a decrease in the number of children. To retain economic activity and strength (and hence employment) in the Netherlands, companies will increasingly need to look beyond borders throughout the entire European Union to attract a flexible work force. Especially in logistics, retail, manufacturing, assembly, food, metal and engineering and healthcare shortages of skilled and motivated employees are increasing.

The challenge is not only limited to the Netherlands, but also exists in many surrounding Western European countries. This might in due course even create a race amongst countries to attract international staff.

Eurojob Mission

Eurojob wants to be the best player in facilitating the international supply and demand in the European labour market to offer its clients maximum efficiency and added value. Eurojob realizes this by its ability to recruit and retain the highest motivated and skilled international temporary employees. With them Eurojob focuses on Topjobs in specialist areas where local labour supply is scarce or in environments where increased productivity and tight-knit Topteams working closely together can truly make a difference.