• Topteams for Retail
  • Topteams for Logistics & Transport
  • Topteams for Production & Assembly
  • Topteams for Air Cargo Handling
  • Topteam for Metal & Engineering
  • Topteams for Food Processing
  • European staff outsourcing

    What does Eurojob provide?

    • Highly motivated, qualified and well trained international Topteams in (amongst others) Retail, Logistics, Assembly, Metal and Food Processing

    • Flexible deployment with high delivery reliability and continuity

    • Thorough preparation and intensive supervision

    • Solid implementation

    daarom eurojob
    daarom eurojob 2

    What are the results?

    • Demonstrably higher productivity

    • Demonstrable quality improvement

    • On balance, lower labour costs

    • In some cases even demonstrably higher revenues