Eurojob brings productivity in your business

Cost and quality

For many Dutch companies, the (international) competitive position increasingly depends on the efficiency of their automated business processes. They realize that the factor labour is becoming a scarce resource in the Netherlands.

Eurojob supplies these companies with flexible international Topteams, because our experience shows that working in a team delivers the best results. This also allows us to be able to attract the best people and to create loyalty. Good communication, shared knowledge of business processes and associated process technology are important elements in our approach.

For a large number of our customers we are a sparring partner in reducing the total cost per product, while maintaining or increasing quality. We also assist these clients in making the results measurable.

If desired, we can present you a number of relevant cases that show our proposition works.



Thorough knowledge of the European labour market

Eurojob has access to highly motivated and qualified staff, thorough knowledge of the European labour market, an extensive local network in various countries, a strong recruitment department, and advanced selection methods. The employees selected by Eurojob are characterized by high motivation and productivity, (cultural) flexibility, proactivity, ambition, and 100% availability for Eurojob.

In case clients have specific requirements, we gladly accommodate this. Examples are specific minimum education levels, professional qualifications, language skills (English, Dutch, German), certificates etc. If desired, we can provide international credential evaluations from institutions like Colo or Nuffic.